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White Mold Basics

We have all experienced seeing mold somewhere. It can be at home, at work or any establishment. It is a common sight that a lot of people are used to and sadly, turn a blind eye and leave it as it is. There are different types of molds, you may see the black, green or white one. The former two are common while the other one is not given much attention because it is less obvious than the others.


Now the question is; what is white mold? This can come from different types of molds such as cladosporium, aspergillus or penicillium. Just like all the other types, this type can be a bit harmful when not addressed. These usually come off as bright, fluff-like spots that can grow in bread, wood, plants and other fibers. This is commonly confused with efflorescence as they may look alike. You can determine the difference between the two by spraying water in the area. If in case the spots disappear upon spraying, it indicates that it might just be efflorescence. It comes off with a musty smell and can sometimes turn into an allergen for people who have weak lungs and immune system. Those who already have problems like pneumonia and asthma should not be exposed to this for a long time.


A couple of reported health problems and symptoms caused by molds is sneezing, coughing, dizziness, sore throat, exhaustion, eye irritation, wheezing breath and other types of allergic reactions. These can all vary depending on different reasons. It can grow in different areas like wood, plants, houses, and concrete. Usually, these molds can be deemed a bit harmless but this may not be true to those with a weak immune system.


There are a lot of ways on how to prevent it from growing or breeding in your home. The first one is to clean your upholstery, walls, wood surfaces, towels, rags and curtains. Molds increase in amount fast so it is always good to prevent it from spreading and increasing in number. When you see the first signs of mold in a couple of areas in your home, seek professional help. They can make sure to clean it without leaving traces that can grow back as more. Some people think that wiping it off can make it disappear permanently. However, molds cannot be eradicated that easy. You have to have the right amount of experience in handling and cleaning them. This is to avoid overexposure and to guarantee a good clean.


Why settle for a place infested with mold when you can have one that is mold-free? Always remember that no matter how unnoticeable it is at first, it may turn into a health hazard especially for kids and old people. This is bad for people with compromised immune systems so you have to make sure that you deal with it the moment you see signs of it appearing in your place. Go and call a professional mold company to help you now.

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