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Disadvantages of Using Reusable Diapers

What a lot of people still think of when they hear about reusable diapers is the classic white cloth held together by safety pins. While there are indeed some people who still use that kind of reusable nappies, albeit, with cute safety pins, it’s no longer what modern parents consider as reusable diapers. These days, reusable diapers are those that are held in place by round snaps. These snaps may look flimsy, but one would be surprised at how firm they hold the diaper in place no matter how active baby gets.

On the surface, it’s easy to see why reusable diapers are the more reasonable and logical option compared to disposable ones. On top of being more environment-friendly, it also saves more money in the long run. They cost more per piece, but that’s not really something to be concerned about since reusable nappies can be used over and over again. However, there are still some notable disadvantages when it comes to using reusable diapers. It’s important for parents to understand these downsides in order to be more prepared, of course, in addition to reading parenting sites like KitsToys.

  1. Must be cleaned ASAP.

Letting poop and pee stay too long on a reusable diaper is a bad idea. The stains become more stubborn if cleaning is put off for later. If cleaning can’t be done immediately, it would be best to at least remove the lump of poop and soak the diaper in soapy water. Of course, even when soaked, it still has to be washed the soonest a parent can squeeze the time in.

  1. Must be cleaned thoroughly.

One of the key advantages of reusable diapers is the absence of chemicals that may cause irritations to baby’s delicate skin. However, if parents fall short in cleaning a diaper through and through, their baby might experience skin irritation. The sad part is that even though parents generally want to do so, the lack of sleep from taking care of their baby might cause them to spend less time in cleaning the diapers. An oversight like this is understandable, but ideally, is better without.

  1. Usually not as absorbent.

Generally, disposable diapers are better at absorbing than their reusable counterparts. What makes disposable diapers impressively absorbent is the chemical that makes up the gel inside it. But that’s one compromise that parents are willing to take. They’d actively choose to rather change diapers more frequently than expose their young ones to the dangers of irritation from chemicals. But then again, not all reusable diapers are considerably less absorbent. Some types of cloth can even be more absorbent than cheap types of disposable diapers.

  1. Too cute to cover up.

Babies can wear their diapers all day long and parents will enjoy looking at the cute designs. But as their baby grows up to become a toddler, they’d need to cover those cute prints with pant, Obviously a minor quirk, but then again, there are a lot of parents out there who buy disposable diapers with the design in mind.