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Proper Garbage Disposal

Do you know that one person throws an average of 7 lbs. garbage daily? More than half of this rubbish goes to the landfill. Garbage has a great environmental impact and the best thing we can do is to lessen them. Hence, it helps to reuse items as much as possible to prevent adding more rubbish to the landfills.

The item can only become waste once you decide to throw it in the garbage can. So, before throwing this away, determine if this can still be recycled. You are also helping save the planet by patronizing recycled products. As the demands for these items increase, their manufacturers will increase production of these products, with more people doing recycling along the process.

You may wonder what items can be recycled? Well, these can be any used aluminium, newspaper, PET plastic bottle, corrugated cardboard, HDPE plastic bottles, steel cans, glass containers, mixed paper, magazines and even computers! The items for recycling have no limit. As long as something can still be made out of them, you can always spare them from going into the garbage bin.

Today, there are landfills that gather potentially harmful landfill gas emissions. They convert this to energy. And the government impose strict regulations as to the location of landfills too, including the debris accepted and liner requirements. Proper monitoring is done and they implement certain standards to make sure that the garbage disposal is as environmentally friendly as possible. Another way to dispose of garbage is through incineration. This burns solid wastes and along the process, produces energy. Meanwhile, the 30% of the ash that remains will be used as landfill cover. However, this process can be hazardous to the environment since it contaminates water, air, and soil.

There are many reasons why recycling is advocated in many parts of the world. One is that it improves the country’s economy. In fact, in America alone, they use recycling programs to find their need to produce raw materials for new products. Also, recycling helps create jobs. It is a $236 billion industry in America. This employs up to 1.1 million workers in America alone. The ultimate goal of recycling is a waste reduction. This is beneficial to the environment as well. With recycling, energy is saved since there will be no need to use virgin materials. It also preserves landfill space and most of all, counters global warming. Do you know that in 2000, it was found out that through solid waste recycling, 32.9 million metric tons of carbon was prevented from being released to the air? Hence, it is obvious that recycling prevents air pollution. Since there is less need for manufacturing new raw materials, more wildlife will be spared from getting destroyed. With increased demands for recycled products, there will be decreased waste and boom in the country’s economy as well.

It pays to know more about proper garbage disposal. Waste recycling is just one method and there are many more. Check out The Disposal Advisor to know how you can help dispose of garbage properly, even in your own little ways.