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Top Reasons to Trust Air Purifiers

There are tons of harmful gases present outdoors, and that is the fact; but did you know that you get to inhale a significant amount of airborne toxins inside your house than outside? According to the experts, there are thousands to millions of harmful microbes present indoors. Since almost everyone spends most of the time inside their home, the office, school, and several other public indoor places such as restaurants and stores, chances are, you get to breathe in smoke, paint, fumes, animal dander, mold, and other billions of airborne microorganism present.

Cleaning, however, is not enough to eliminate these unwanted microbes; experts believe that air purifiers do a great job when it comes to sanitizing and securing a home with healthy air, and here are the top reasons why you should trust air purifiers:

1. It provides long-term health benefits

A healthy air means healthy living. According to the experts, quality air ranks among the essential factors to have a healthy body alongside with healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise. However, airborne pollutants are not only found outdoors but also inside the house; this is why having air purifiers inside the house is one of the smartest lifestyle choices.

2. It helps eliminate indoor stuffy and stale air

During the winter season, it is expected to have a closed house to prevent too much cold from entering the house. However, did you know that a closed environment is one of the breeding ground for bacteria and molds that causes air contamination? These contaminations then may cause your house or office to smell stuffy and stale. Despite the heavy cleaning, these pollutants can roam around the house. Fortunately, these can be eliminated with the help of an air purifier. If you check out this article reviewing the GermGuardian AC4825, you will understand how these efficient machines work.

3. It helps eradicate mold build-up

Bacteria-causing mold loves humid and warm homes. If you ignore the presence of mold inside your home, it may cause serious respiratory illnesses, including meningitis, caused by inhaling black mold. However, if you choose to invest an air purifier inside the house, possibilities of inhaling mold may decrease.

How does air purifier work?

If you choose to purchase GermGuardian AC4825 Air purifier, this will happen to bad bacteria roaming around inside your house or office;

  •    The 22-inch-tall air purifier will make the air enter through the back of the machine allowing it to hit the pre-filter and activated charcoal layer. By the time the air hits the filter, it will remove all the large particles, including the hair of the pet, smoke, and other stuffy odors from animals.
  •    The second phase starts when the filtered air hits the HEPA filter. During this stage, fine particles are being removed including pet dander, pollen, and other particles that trigger allergic reactions.
  •    The third phase starts when the remaining air hits the UV light, killing all disease-causing germs and bacteria.
  • The final phase is the release of fresh air.

Sounds good right? So what are you waiting for? Invest one now.