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Natural Home Remedies for Hair Regrowth

Home Remedy Treatments

When people age, it is common for the hair to start growing thin, which in the long run will lead into baldness. However, not only this happens due to aging, however, this may also happen due to a medical condition, unhealthy scalp, or even stress. Hair thinning and hair loss is said to be common among women, however, there are men out there who also have the same experience.

Hair, a crowning glory of every woman; They always put an effort to make it look healthy, however, due to many products in the market, which contains different chemicals, instead of making the hair healthier, it damages it instead.

Because of these instances, tips to regrowing your hair in a natural way using home remedies will be discussed in this article. These home remedies have been known to have a significant or powerful effect when it comes to growing the hair back healthily.


People usually use egg when it comes to preparing one’s breakfast, but who would have thought that is actually one of the top and most popular treatments for hair? The egg contains high protein. This property helps the hair to develop a stronger hair strand. All people need to do is make an egg mask through separating the white and yolk. Prepare the white, and then add a tablespoon of olive oil. After leaving the mask for an hour, wash it with shampoo and warm water.

Onions for Hair Growth

This treatment is already common for such a long period of time already. Onions contain sulfur which contributes to the stimulation of collagen production, a property helpful for hair growth. Onions are also known for its strong smell; however, there is no need to worry because people can get rid of the smell easily with just one rinse. What people need to do is make a juice out of the sliced onions. Apply the juice thoroughly into the scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.


To those people who have a problem with dull hair, using a lemon as a home remedy is very effective. Lemons contain high Vitamin C and B and are loaded with antioxidants. With this, vitamin C can help stimulate the scalp of the user to help grow even faster and stronger. What people only need to do is add a tablespoon of olive oil to the lemon juice. Let the mixture stay on the hair for an hour.

Green Tea

This treatment is used among people who have a problem with thinning hair. Green tea helps in hair regrowth. With its caffeine and antioxidant properties, once applied to the bald spots for about two to three times per week and left on the scalp for two hours, it will result in a noticeable hair growth.

Apple Cider

People who have a problem with dandruff can use apple cider as a natural remedy. It will help balance the pH level of the scalp, restoring healthy hair follicles. People just have to add one liter of water to a 20 ml apple cider vinegar and rinse it to the hair.


For hair regrowth, people may add fenugreek to people’s shampoo or hair mask. However, people may make their own hair mask through adding a few tablespoons of fenugreek and coconut oil to the water until a paste is formed. Leave the mask for about an hour on the hair.

Coconut Milk

For dry-looking hair, people may use coconut milk to make it look healthier. What they only need to do is to apply a fresh coconut milk to their hair after a tablespoon of lemon juice was added to it and leave the mixture on the hair overnight.