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What Is a Good Electric Toothbrush

Describing a good electric toothbrush will weigh down to its features. Are they directed towards efficiency, convenience, and high performance? Electric toothbrushes give your oral area a thorough clean- this highly depends on the model though.

In this article, what is a Good Electric Toothbrush? Is answered by how the features work to ensure you get value for money and great service. Feature-rich models cost more than those that are battery-operated.

Safe on the Gums

A good electric toothbrush is that which is gentle on your gums, tongue and teeth when brushing. The bristles need to be soft yet high grade to ensure it removes all the plaque and debris from your mouth and teeth without leaving bruises and broken gums that can result in bleeding. If it is safe n your gums and teeth, you can use it to brush without worry after every meals.

Brush and Move with Ease

Is the handle good on your hands? An electric toothbrush with a soft handle is great to allow for easy grip without feeling strained or leave your palms hurt. When its handle is soft, gripping it and moving it in your mouth becomes easy. The toothbrush can easily reach in all the furthest corners that a basic toothbrush cannot. Removing plaques from all the corners becomes an easy affair.

Replaceable Options are A Great Deal

Good electric toothbrushes should have replaceable options. However, you should be keen on this while selecting to know whether the replacements will be billed as extra packages or are inclusive of the price on the entire package. Most of the times, a good toothbrush should have replaceable head options. This is a great feature because you can always change the toothbrush heads after every three months as recommended by the ADA requirements.

Don’t Time It, It should Time You

It is not stated the exact time you should take when brushing your teeth. All the same, you can’t spend the whole day brushing your teeth. An electric toothbrush is designed for efficiency and convenience and this means that it should take a relatively shorter time to do its job as compared to the time that basic toothbrushes take. A good one should come with an inbuilt timer that is at least two minutes timed to ensure it gives enough time to brush and clean your teeth.

A good electric toothbrush should have extra features like the pressure sensing features and adjustable features that can allow you to change your brushing techniques and improve on how you clean your teeth. Cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap so they say. When it comes to pricing, electric toothbrushes basically cost more. This doesn’t mean that the overly priced ones are more effective than the rest and the cheap ones are dangerous for your dental health or don’t do their job properly.

Examining these features discussed lead you closer to what a good electric toothbrush is. It is important to remember that care should be taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain safety while brushing.