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Ways to Convince your Team to Join Cooking Teambuilding

Team buildings are important events that can help build team relations, as well as, increase productivity and promoting business success. However, not everyone is hyped about joining teambuilding, especially when they do not see so much fun in it.

If you are looking for productive and effective ideas for corporate team bonding, you should try cooking class teambuilding – there are a lot of exciting and effective-interactive cooking activities that everyone will surely enjoy. To convince your team to join this fun, effective, and productive event, here are some ways to make the naysayers participate:

1. Explain the value of the cooking class teambuilding

As mentioned, not all employees are ecstatic about hearing teambuilding activities; some do not take this as an opportunity to escape from a stressful environment or a gateway for personal growth in a competitive and ever-shifting environment.

To make all your team members to join the activity, present some reasons why they should attend; here are some of them:

•    They’ll get to enjoy a fun and sociable experience outside the working environment.
•    It’ll help them improve their cooking skills.
•    They’ll get to enjoy food that they have created.
•    It’ll help them release work-related tensions, stress, and frustrations.

2. Let them understand the possible changes

There are a lot of advantages of participating in cooking class teambuilding; most of these are leading to personal and team changes in the most positive way. To make your team participate in the cooking class teambuilding, explain to them the possible changes; for instance:

  • Improves co-worker interaction –Since most of the cooking class activities are done in groups, it’ll help each member to connect with everyone in the group. Driven to make an edible or delicious cooked or baked goods, everyone in the group is motivated to work together.
  • It’ll help reduce or eliminate differences –Not everyone within the team likes each other – and that is a fact. There are activities in cooking class teambuilding that helps eliminate differences; for instance, developing a plan during simulations such as restaurant simulation, master chef simulations, and other interactive and creative kitchen games.
  • Improves creative and critical thinking skills –Another obvious personal change is the improvement of creative and critical thinking skills. Since you are obliged to think outside of the box in cooking classes, it’ll help boost their ability to create and recreate things, which is useful in the office or work setup.

3. It helps boost the team leadership skills in them

Every employee is born with leadership skills; however, not everyone is able to encourage them or show them due to low self-confidence and self-drive. In cooking classes, everyone is given the chance to showcase their knowledge and skills about cooking and baking, which gives them the chance to boost or show their leadership skills.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of advantages in participating teambuilding, especially if it is about cooking and baking. To encourage every member of your team to join the event, be persistent and provide them the benefits that they will get.

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