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Reasons Why Men Shave Hair

If you have widely traveled across the world, you will agree with me that it’s not 100% of men who shave especially their beads. Over time, men have maintained long beads for some reasons, some for religious and some for just a crazy obsession, among the many reasons. I am not intending to persuade you to shave or maintain your beard, but just to give you reasons why most people shave. I must mention from the onset that beaded men are usually associated with uncleanliness and unprofessionalism even if it may not necessarily be the case. People have lost jobs during interview courtesy of their beard. That said, I now must mention that for the men who know what style and beard grooming is, Mens Hair Clippers usually come in handy.

Unlike the ancient man who lived in caves and lacked any shaving tool, civilization led to the invention of knives and scissors for shaving. Modern man is more advanced since they have men’s hair clippers. I am not insinuating that men who don’t shave are not civilized, as aforementioned, they have concrete reasons, but in this article, let’s explore reasons for shaving.

1. Compelled by their employment ethics.Most employers prefer neatly shaved, clean and smart men employees. They have gone further to include it in their company dress code, such that any contravention is considered gross misconduct and bridge of company rules.

2. Women love bearded men. There is a notion that women love beards, I am not sure of the percentage but at least I am certain they do. In their craving for love, they endeavor to neatly shave to sustain their handsomeness in order to attract women.

3. Itching problem. When some men haven’t shaved, they itch hence become uncomfortable. This compels them to constantly shave to maintain their comfort

4. Beard not fitting their personality. Perhaps one can accurately approximate your personality by your looks. Some men believe that if bearded, they will portray the wrong person.

5. Lack of time to maintain. It takes time and resources to keep beards properly groomed. In this fast-paced global village, men are too busy to maintain beards

6. Fashion and trends. Some men are keen on the world around them hence they struggle to keep their looks relevant to fashion. Have you heard of “No shave Friday?”

7. To hide their baldness. While baldness is a natural phenomenon, some people live in denial of the fact that they have little to do about it. As a result, they shave the remnant hair completely to hide their baldness, but it doesn’t remove the bald.

8. Others have simply not tried to keep their beards.

9. Others believe that they look younger when shaved.

10. Tired of their children pulling the beards.

Regardless of the reasons for desiring to cut your beard, there are varieties of men’s hair clippers in the market that you can explore. The shaving guidelines are also available at your disposal to stay neat and clean.

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