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Top Leather Sewing Machine to Check-Out this 2019

The leather is one of the most difficult sewing materials to work with; this is the reason why you have to invest in a reliable and durable leather sewing machine.

To name the few, here are the best sewing machine for leather work that you need to check out and its quick description:

Janome HD3000

Product specification:

•    Product dimensions: 16” W x 11.4” H x 7.3” D
•    Product weight: 18.8 pounds
•    Type of cover: Hardcover
•    Stitch width (max): 6.5 mm
•    Number of stitches (built-in): 21
•    The dimension of the work area: 6.5” W x 4.6” H

Janome HD3000 is one of durable heavy duty sewing machines that can handle heavy duty work. However, the machine is one of those old-fashioned sewing machines that do not have computerized controls; even so, the solid heavy-duty sewing machine offers stability even after 5 to 10 years of frequent use.

Key Features:

The Janome HD3000 is designed with:

•    21 built-in stitches
•    Reverse stitching option
•    A step buttonhole
•    Reversed stitching option
•    Stitch width of 6.5 mm
•    Needle threader (built-in)
•    Thread cutter (built-in)
•    Convenient bobbin winding
•    Sturdy free arm
•    Stitch length of 4.0mm

Singer 4423

Product Specifications:

•    Product dimensions: 15.5” x 6.2” x 12”
•    Product weight: 14.5 pounds
•    Type of cover: Heavy-duty metal frame
•    Stitch width and length: Adjustable
•    Number of stitches (built-in): 23

The Singer 4423 is another popular durable heavy-duty sewing machine that can handle several sewing materials, especially heavy-duty ones; for instance, leather. Below are its few interesting key features that you’ll definitely love:

Key Features:

•    High sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute
•    Designed with stronger motors
•    The drop-in bobbin is designed with transparent view cover
•    Manufactured with automatic needle threader and 1-step buttonhole that is fully automatic
•    Designed with a free arm for cuffs, collars, and hems for pants
•    Designed with accessory storage
•    Manufactured with reinforce stitches and reverse sewing option
•    Warranty: 25 years

Brother ST371HD

Product Specifications:

•    Product dimensions: 7.9” x 16.1” x 12.2
•    Product weight: 18.4 pounds
•    Type of cover: Metal cover
•    Number of stitches (built-in): 37

If you are looking for an automatic, strong, and tough, you should check Brother ST371HD. One of the best features that you’ll love about Brother ST371HD is its specialty presser feet and the heavy-weight needles that can handle heavy-duty sewing materials.

Key Features:

•    Designed with needles that are heavy-duty
•    Capable of creating 800 stitches per minute
•    Sewing area comes with an LED light
•    Easy to manage top drop-in bobbin system
•    Can handle thick layers of fabric due to its heavy-weight needles
•    Designed with a dial stitch pattern
•    Has free-arm for sleeves and cuffs
•    Designed with automatic-needle threader
•    Manufactured with six varied presser feet

There are more heavy-duty sewing machines that you need to check this 2019; so, before buying a new one, check-out for more options.

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