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Surf Tricks for Advanced Surfers

Did you fall in love with surfing and it seems that you are getting better and better at it? Are you determined to dedicate this summer to surf and to learning a few tricks for the advanced surfers? We are more than happy to share details on some of the most fun advanced tricks, so just read the article below and you’ll absolutely gather useful information.

  • Bottom turn- This is a great trick to learn and a very fun one. The bottom turn actually plays an important role, as it will also set the base for the whole ride. This is the first move that you will perform after dropping to a wave, so we really think that you should offer it your attention. How do you perform it? You just use the back foot in order to turn the board towards the direction that you wish to follow.
  • Re-entry- This is the move which you should make as soon as you gain some speed. If you love speed, then this is the perfect trick for you as it is all about it.
  • Reverse- This is a trick which experienced surfers usually perform after a re-entry. What do they do? Well, when their board is still up in the air, they simply turn around at 180 degrees. It is thrilling and really fun.
  • Layback- This is actually a tough one. This is a trick in which you are supposed to use your back in order to lean on the wave. How do surfers today use this trick? They actually use it in order to cover mistakes, as it is perfect to correct a mistake of water landing, for example.
  • If there is one point at which you need to slow down the speed, then this is the trick that you need to use. How can you do that? Well, you need to lean the whole weight of your body on the back leg.
  • Floater- This is an amazing trick, as it happens when you get on the lip of the wave, ride the wave and then re-enter it. It is a complicated task, even for the experienced surfers, so consider engaging in such a trick only after you have gained enough skills to do this.

As you can see, there are all sorts of tips and tricks which you can learn, both as a beginner and as an experienced surfer. Nothing is impossible with the right teacher. Also, if you sign up for a camp like this one in Portugal, you will get the opportunity to intensively train for a couple of weeks. This camp called Surfivor is the oldest one in Portugal, as well as the most popular one. Besides the fact that you will get the opportunity to get lessons from experienced teachers, you will also enjoy all sorts of fun activities during the time in which you will not be in the water. I know that the professionals at Surfivor are amazing and I also know that you will love your time there.