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The Top Choice Bike Brand for Kids this 2019

In this modern age, kids are more exposed to gadgets and the internet than before. There are children who prefer staying at home and play with their phone, tablet, iPad, or computers instead of playing with other kids outdoors.


If you notice that your kid is becoming addicted to gadgets, immediately take action before it gets worse. Take note that overexposure to digital technologies has a detrimental effect on the child’s overall wellness. It can do serious physical, mental, and emotional harm to the kid. It is why you have to introduce healthier activities that a child must be experiencing during childhood.

One of the best activities for children is bike riding. It is 100% healthy for the body and mind of the kid. Moreover, it improves your child’s stamina and supports in enhancing muscle growth. Likewise, keeping your child physically active reduces his or her risk to illnesses.

Now, if you are planning to let your child try learning to ride a bike, make sure to get the best bike for kids. Not all kid bikes are good for children. You have to consider the quality of the item, durability, and safety before buying one. Also, consult online sources like the Kids in Wheels which posts a review worth reading as well as tips and advice for new buyers.

One of the leading brands of bikes for kids is Banana Balance. This item is quite popular in the market. Many buyers choose this product for their kids due to its quality features. If you are interested to know some of these aspects, read a short review of this item below.

Banana Balance Bike LT Facts

#1 Manufactured by a Reputable Company

The Banana Balance Bike LT is a product of a company called the Banana Bike which is recognized as one of the top manufacturers of children bikes. This company released several series of child bikes suitable for specific ages. And, one of their latest creation, the Banana Bike LT is a beginner’s bike perfect for kids aged 18 months and young kids.

#2 Easy to Assemble

This product is designed for quick and easy assembly. It does not have overwhelming and complicated gears and pieces, unlike other brands. You can put the pieces together in a short amount of time with the help of the user manual.

#3 Easy to Balance

This bike features stable support for kids. It is easy to balance and features all-terrain wheels so your child can enjoy riding this bike wherever he or she goes.

#4 Long-Lasting

The Banana Balance Bike is made from high-quality materials that are long-lasting. Thus, this bike can last for several years especially with proper care.

#5 The Price

If you are the type of buyer who checks first the tag price before anything else, you’ll never get disappointed with this product.

The Banana Bike LT is a budget-friendly bike. In fact, it is one of the reasons why parents prefer this item compared to other brands. Moreover, you can get this item through online markets like Amazon.

Final Advice

When looking for a bike for kids, make sure to read reviews before making a decision. Doing so would help you to avoid spending money on poor quality and unsafe products.