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Tips and Tricks for Fortnite Beginners

Did you recently discover Fortnite and you really liked the game from the very first time you played it? Do you have the impression that it is a rather easy game to play but it gets quite complicated if you want to master it? Well, you are right. If you choose to play it just for fun and limit yourself at simply filling in some of your free time, then it is quite easy; if you enjoy it to such a degree that you plan to become a professional someday, then we think that it would be useful for you to check out a few tips and tricks. Put some of these into application and you will quickly notice that your game will be improved. So, here are a few tips and tricks which you should take into consideration:

  • Loot hard and fast- Since Fortnite is a very fast type of game, you need to loot up as fast as possible, especially in its first part. How can you do this? There are several ways: skydiving straight down, landing in the first spot that you see with signs of buildings or you can also jump out of the bus.
  • Long drops should be considered- We can safely say that the Fortnite map is a small one considering that there can be 100 players at a time. Compared to other games, the map is really small. This is why long drops will help. Yes, you need to be involved in the fights in order to practice the combat but for a beginner, this can mean being removed from the game at very early stages.
  • Consider landing on roof tops. This is especially good for a beginner because you can either find weapons or chests hidden mainly beneath the tiles.
  • Don’t stop moving. Camping might work in other games but it doesn’t work in Fortnite. You will see that we don’t exaggerate when we tell you that if you choose to stand still for a few seconds, you are dead.
  • You can win building. Building is a unique aspect regarding Fortnite and one that we truly love. The first step is to learn how to harvest materials and you can begin with pickaxe on wood, metal or stone. You can then take the next step and go for larger trees. The larger trees provide excellent yield. Also, building things will help you reach new heights or places and this will prove to be excellent as well.
  • Look at what professional players do. For example, you should visit and find out more about Mongraal’s settings, key binds and gear. Mongraal is one of the best professional Fortnite players and also the youngest player to join a professional team. He is based in London and at the age of only 13 years old he was already part of Team Secret. He is an excellent player to watch; this would help you learn numerous tips and tricks so consider investing some time in this.