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What to Put on a Mousetrap for Bait

Mice can be a great problem since they destroy food item and clothing. They becomes extremely dangerous if they get fatal disease which they can spread in whole community. Mice and rodents spread at very fast pace since they reproduce very quickly and increase their population to thousands in no time. Right from very olden times, man has made a lots of traps of different types to catch mouse. Some efforts yielded excellent results while others proved to be of no use. Let us discuss some of effective food items that can be helpful. You can read more here about best options to choose.


If a starry mouse is living at your home it must have habit of eating scraped food that is left over as junk for dustbins. This food has not got such appeal as cheese or chocolate. Let’s discuss some of the commercially available food that you can find in market to trap mice.

Qualities of a good bait:

Catching a mouse can be very tricky at times but you can increase your chances if you apply your mind and use such food as a bait that can be effective. An efficient bait has following characteristics:

  1. It must have strong aroma
  2. Bait should be easily accessible at open places.
  3. It must have long life and good nutritional value to attract sniffers.
  4. It must be preserved food or dried food source to increase its catching life and can be effective as a bait to catch a mouse or a rodent.

Examples of good bait:

Baits and traps may vary which will increase or decrease your chances accordingly. When you are thinking to have have a catch in first attempt you should be very careful and critical in your choice of effective bait. Every food has some pros and cons attached to it.

  • Bacon bits that have good nutritional value are also a good bait since with that you have cooked up to increase its aroma and make it long lasting by destroying bacteria that it contains.
  • Smooth meat or preserved chunky molds of peanut butter are also very strong in aroma and taste and also not easily bitable hence it needs to get a longer time to take a bite of peanut butter this allows more time to trap the mice or rodent.
  • Gumdrops or sweetener and products like sugar cubes or other sweet candies that have sweet aroma ad great sweet taste always attracts the mice ad rodents and are also very long lasting. These sugar products are not easily rotten and have longer shelf life than other products.
  • Chocolate is another product that has great aroma and nice nutritional value. Mice have stronger instinct towards the food items that have high nutritional value since they need to consume less and get more nutrition out of it. Hence chocolate can be a good bait.
  • Strong smelling soft cheese. Cheese is always a good attraction for mice and rodents alike. Also they have good shelf life and great nutritional value that attracts these mammals.
  • Bits of cracker and snacks made of potatoes mixed with butter to give it more smell and aroma to attract mice.
  • Bird Seed that have high nutrition or Nuts that have long life and are easy use as bait at traps since they do not get rotten easily.

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