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Top Signs that a Woman Wants You to Notice Her and Get Intimate with Her

Women are hard to understand – no doubt about that. Sometimes you can’t tell whether she likes you or she’s just being friendly.

If you are getting some mixed signals from your co-worker, friend, or an acquaintance but you are too careful to approach her, afraid that she might get offended, why not start to see the top 10 signs she wants you? – One of the reliable posts that will help you understand if her small, yet sweet and intimate-like gestures are a sign that she’s physically interested in you. To give you some preview, here are a few top signs that a woman wants you to notice her and get intimate with her:

  • She manages to be around you

When a woman starts to notice you as a man, she’ll try her best for you to notice her, and one strategy is to be where you are where you can notice her – social media (liking or commenting your posts), at the coffee shop (even if she doesn’t drink too much coffee) or at the gym (even if it hurts her guts after a few workouts). Most importantly, when you needed someone to talk to, she’ll be one of the best persons that will give you honest and calming advice.

  • She’s looking at you; really looking at you

One of the obvious sign that a woman likes you is the way she looks at you.
Listen, women aren’t really into eye contact with men unless they are talking to people they are comfortable to be with or for business or professional reasons and or if they like someone.

But how will you know if a woman looks at you like she has an interest in you?

o    She’s really looking at you with a soft smile.
o    She notices every simple thing about you.
o    She’ll do fast but intense glimpse of you.

It may sometimes give you some creeps but if you ever caught her off guard and she’s looking at you smiling, try to smile back too – it could start a new beginning for both of you.

  • She starts to flirt with you

There are women who can’t be loud when flirting with men they like and if they try to flirt, they would do it subtlety; which means, she will try to;

o    Amp up her style and make you notice it.
o    She’ll become touchy; arms, upper chest, hair, and even her hair
o    She’ll do some subtle but bold gestures such as exposing her neck while she’s around you, her legs, and more.

  • She’ll try to talk you out on a friendly coffee break or dinner

Again, not every woman is as bold as inviting someone they like on a coffee break or dinner, but if they do, it is definite that she has interest in you.

Final Thoughts

Women are difficult to understand, especially if you are trying to determine if she likes you or not. To be sure, why not try to ask her out and start from there.

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