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Tips for Healthy Ear and Good Hearing

A good hearing is as vital as having a great vision; without a healthy auditory sense, you can’t function well enough both in work and at home. Moreover, losing the ability to hear well can affect your confidence. Notice that most people who lose their hearing tend to have poor confidence and stay clear from crowds.

Losing hearing senses is one of the many negative sides of aging. However, aging is not only the reason why some people lose their ability to hear. Others went through accidents that caused great damage to their ears. Meanwhile, some have taken for granted their good hearing by exposing themselves to loud noises. Also, poor health care contributes to damage hearing.

Now, how can you protect your ears and hearing?

Here are some useful tips to prevent hearing damage and ear injury.

Tip#1: Avoid Long Exposure to Loud Noises

Studies show that hearing loss in teenagers is linked to exposure to loud noises. Examples of sources of loud noises are television, wearing headphones with blaring sounds, clubs, and concerts. Remember that the advisable hearing volume for humans is 60 decibels. Noises at 85 decibels are dangerous. Exposure to this sound level can affect hearing. If the noise goes up to 105 decibels and more, it can cause hearing damage and ear injury.

Long exposure to loud noises is not only the reason behind hearing damage. Bursts of loud noises that reach up to 140-150 decibels immediately lead to ear injuries.

If you can’t help to listen to music or watch television, make sure to turn down the volume. And if you are going to clubs, concerts, and games don’t spend too much time on these places.

Tip#2: Wear Ear Plugs

What if hearing loud noises is unavoidable because of your living location? What can you do about it? If this is your case, the best solution is wearing earplugs. Earplugs and earmuffs block out loud noises. You can also wear one of these at work if necessary.

But take note that not all earplugs are worth spending money, click here for more details on where to find the best quality earplugs and earmuffs.

Tip#3: Stop Overusing Cotton Swabs

Keeping your ears clean is important. It removes the moisture that can cause potential harm to your auditory senses. However, too much ear cleaning can also lead to an ear injury.

The ear wax protects the ears from small debris that could enter the ear canal. The best way to clean your ears is by using a damp towel. Also, using an earwax removal solution helps.

Tip#4: Exercise

Exercising that focus on cardiovascular endurance promotes good hearing. If exercising is not a habit of yours, change it today to achieve overall wellness.

Tip#5: Manage Stress Levels

According to studies, stress is associated with tinnitus, a type of ear injury. Moreover, stress has a huge impact on health. If you suffer from it, take a break and let yourself relax.

Do you need more details about ear health?

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